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Ingenuity. Timelessness. Connection.

The Outside Inn carries with it the heart and history of the hamlet of Bloomfield; its place within the lineage of Prince Edward County is older than Canada.

Built in stages, the oldest part of the building is what is now the Cottage Suite, built in 1802.

The building was the homestead of Josiah Bull Jr., an emigrant from Northern New York. At the time, the area was a small Quaker community consisting of meeting houses and cemeteries. It was Bull who was a catalyst for commerce, his family was responsible for building the first mill in the area. 

As Bull’s family grew, they expanded and created more to enhance the area. 

The community came alive as Bull’s projects began to populate the hamlet. These still stand today, including the Temperance House and Sailor Block on Main Street.


Service. Communication. Welcoming.

Just as Bull developed a new life for himself and his community, Love made a world to feel welcomed in, one that allowed for creativity to flourish unfettered. The beginning breaths began in 1993, yet the evolution is eternal and with each year, a new story unfolds. 

Naming her business Hand Works just made sense. The beginnings were a private studio that grew into a public space that included internationally recognized mid-career artists. As it evolved, antiques, and handmade wares were added. It only continued to grow as her interests spilled over into the many manifestations of guest service. 

The Outside Inn began with a series of requests. Can this be a place of celebration, communion and commitment? 

At once welcoming and curious, the Window Shops invites visitors to explore, no matter the hour.
  Window Shops inspired by different types of architectural forms, dot the property, enticing guests and visitors to explore. Each Window Shop offers something new to discover from displays of artwork by local artists to antiques. Each shop has its own patio that can be enjoyed into the evening, when the warm glow of the patio lights overtake the gardens and create a transportive experience. 

Through the decades during which the store evolved, one thing was always permanent: the devotion of the owner to accommodating her community; an openness that would allow for conversations that were extraordinary. 


Gather. Interact. Experience. 

Lot #9 is a part of the community. It’s been the home to artists looking to make their first sale, live action painting, concerts, markets, children’s lemonade stands, and the best tacos in the region. 

The space is enjoyed throughout the year, becoming a completely different landscape as the light dims and the snow falls. Enjoy the space at any time with your favourite human, a picnic basket, and a bottle of your favourite beverage; you might just find yourself sharing a glass with strangers. 


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