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In order to be creative you must first put yourself in an environment that’s conducive to creativity even if you must first produce that environment.


An ARTIST is a product of their environment and creates ART. ART is a timeless message governed by the times. The VIEWER has the final word.



Curator. Painter. Community Member.

“If the host is making it look easy, she’s working like hell behind the scenes”. 
The devotion to the c
are and well-being of her guests is visible in all Tammy Love does. 

She first opened Hand Works on Main Street Bloomfield in 1995 and ever since has always stayed one brushstroke ahead of the changes, continually walking a fine line of what it means to do business in The County. 

Lot #9 was purchased by Love in 1999. The space was needed to help expand Hand Works, which had been outgrowing every previous space it occupied. Using what is now the Juliette Suite as her studio, with a retail space downstairs, Love slowly evolved Lot #9 into not only her own sanctuary, but one for all artists and travellers.

Love opened up the first ever art gallery B&B in 2009, and her suites are known as the place where you can spend the night then buy your bed in the morning. 

Her inspiration can come from a single word, or its definition in the dictionary. The stories of her past weave an incredible tapestry that draws you in and leaves you wanting to know about how she views the world and how art plays within it.

Very few are lucky enough to create their ideal world within a few acres. Her sanctuary in Bloomfield is growing and becoming its own community. With the addition of The Window Shops, made completely out of salvaged windows, Tammy has created an artist haven, with affordable retail or studio space in one of the fastest growing areas in Prince Edward County. 

She always has time for someone looking for business advice and is an advocate for the arts and accessible spaces.

There is never a lull when you step into her world.


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